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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
16 october, 2015; After 13 days
The exhibit sheds light on the nature of various different careers available to youth, and hosts experts from the fields to represent and discuss the characteristics of their respective careers. The purpose is to assist youth in planning their careers after discovering their strengths and weaknesses, motivating them and enabling them to be productive members of the society. The exhibit hosts students from Saudi and international schools and invites motivational speakers who are prominent in the society and successful within their careers. Youth learn about the highlighted careers and the steps to finding their career paths through interactive events and social media linked to the exhibit.
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Upon leaving the exhibit 80% of visitors changed their career choices  

    Yousef Bayabi

    by rawabi admin | Feb 14, 2016
    In view of certain circumstances, I started my career as early as the age of fourteen. At that time, I was a student in the intermediate stage in the morning and a heavy-duty equipment driver and a supervisor of administrative and technical affairs at my father’s firm after school. After three years of service as such, I decided to resign my job to join one of the international companies in order to get better income and to enhance my vocational qualifications as well. My father wouldn’t approve of my intended plans and advised that I’d better stay with him, advocating that that would be for the good of the family financial status and for me at the same time. My high spirits, my ambitions, my vision for the future, and my perseverance made me take the decision so firmly. After that:
    عضو في شبكات التواصل المهنية التالية
    الأوسمة الحاصل عليها

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  • Series be # noura Al-mugaiteeb: first restaurant in Saudi Arabia
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  • Series be # noura Al-mugaiteeb first restaurant in Saudi Arabia
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by rawabi admin | Feb 14, 2016
In partnership with the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and under the patronage of the Governor of the Eastern Province Prince Saud Bin Nayef AlSaud, Rawabi Holding launched the 4th and final round of the 5th Rawabi Talent Exhibit at the Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Centre (Scitech) in Al-Khobar on Thursday April 23, 2015 with the presence of the Undersecretary of the Eastern Province governorate, Dr. Khalid Al Battal.


The first round of the Exhibit was launched in Riyadh, followed by Jeddah and Tabuk, where it witnessed a huge participation from boys and girls who discovered their potentials through the 3 different stages of the exhibition: discover yourself, discover your options and discover your future.


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