youth empowerment


Who we are
The Rawabi CSR Department strives to be a force for
good, going above and beyond the call of duty by
actively participating in the sustainable development of
the communities where we operate, and we will achieve
this through engaging our stakeholders, focusing on
pressing development needs, acting within a
transparent and ethical framework, and upholding
international best practices


What we do
Rawabi Holding’s CSR Department works to
empower youth (aged 16-24) by encouraging them
to identify their potential, assisting them in
channeling their energies and providing them with
the means for a bright and successful future. Under
the banner of Youth Empowerment, our initiatives
are aimed at fostering future leaders.
positive social shift
As of 2011, the majority of Saudi Arabia’s population is under 30 years old and many of these citizens are un-
certain about their future. Youth Empowerment has been identified as a pertinent social issue by Rawabi
Holding’s stakeholders and an opportunity for Rawabi Holding to bring about a positive social shift in our
nation through:

- The Rawabi Talent Exhibition

- The Rawabi Internship Program

- The Rawabi Guidance Program
youth empowerment
positive social shift
Our programs cater to youth between 16-24 years old at different stages of their academic lives in order to stress
the importance of choosing career paths that are in line with their varying personal tendencies, their values and
their own personal environments, rather than building their futures based on their grades, family and peer pres-
sure, or other various social pressures.

In order to equip youth with the proper knowledge for career planning before they reach a phase of discontent,
we have designed a variety of programs that enable youth to begin the process of
self-discovery in three main phases:

- Discover Yourself

- Discover Your Options

- Discover Your Future
rawabi talent exhibit
    RAWABI Talent exhibit
             About the exhibit
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